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What to do in Taos?

One of the things we love about the Taos area of Northern new Mexico is the never ending variety of interesting and fun things to do. Never a week goes by without something worth checking out happening.

Well perhaps you are from Missouri and prefer a demo of just how varied and interesting some of our local events can be. No problem, it would be our pleasure to illustrate it with three very different and yet all fun and interesting events.

Wool Festival At Taos

Let’s start with the 31st annual Wool Festival At Taos, October 4 and 5th. Taos has a long historic tradition associated with making fine wool textiles. Most of us have seen at least on TV the beautiful blankets and other items made by local native American artisans in much the same way as has being done for hundreds of years locally. If you are lucky enough to own a genuine historic blanket from the area it can be worth a small fortune, but even if you are operating on a more modest budget, the local textiles on display at the show are fantastic and worth checking out. You can also take classes and learn about different wools from different critters, how to spin, dye, weave and knit with wool yarns. Heck, you can even learn about sheering sheep and other essential skills that go into making fine wool textiles.

For directions, events and further information check out the festivals website at http://taoswoolfestival.org/

October Fest at Red River

Not really the arts and crafts type, but still into fine craft products? Check out October Fest at Red River October 10-12th 2014. You can enjoy authentic German food and music and enjoy craft beers, New Mexico wines and a wide range on arts, crafts, entertainment and fun events. Family friendly, admission is free and well, the beer is not, but it sure is good! You can also enjoy the Miss and Mister Oktober Fest contest, stein holding events, yodeling and brat eating contests (don’t worry we mean sausages, the kids are safe!)

Taso Mountain Balloon Rally

Still not convinced that Taos area is possibly the most fun place anywhere, well our last offering for you in this blog might just sell it, how about the 32nd annual Taos Mountain Balloon Rally. We are talking large hot air balloons that can carry you through the mountain valleys and provide breath taking views of our beautiful are. This is really a bucket list event and if you have ever had the urge to try out the amazing serene adventure of hot air ballooning then this is an event worth checking out. Be warned that balloonists like quiet non windy times such as early mornings and late evenings so things tend to start early. Check out the Rally’s website at taosballoonrally.com for more details on timing events and how you can participate.

No matter which event tickles your fancy El Pueblo Lodge is a perfect place to call home while you are visiting Taos. The El Pueblo Lodge offers a charming campus-style setting with lodging interspersed among several buildings spread over three acres in historic district of Taos. Traditional adobe-style architecture, and the rooms evoke a classic southwestern charm synonymous with this special historic place. Give us a call at 1-800-433-9612 or check out availability here https://reservations.elpueblolodge.com/irmnet/(S(2j2dqgm3vfvfpo555kn5nb45))/res/resmain.aspx?Arrival=09%2F23%2F2014&Departure=09%2F24%2F2014&People1=1&People3=0

Taos: not on top of your bucket list yet?

If you have read some of our recent blog posts then you know that Taos is a place that really deserves to be on your bucket list. Taos is quite simply one of the most historic towns in America with a rich history of explorers and personalities and one of the oldest first peoples habitations  in existence.

While rich in arts and culture Taos is also an outdoor lovers paradise with rafting, mountain biking, hiking, skiing and a range of  summer and winter activities. Perhaps above all else, Taos is an art lover’s paradise. Indeed it the Taos Fall Arts Festival that is the focus of this post.

Taos Fall Arts Festival 2014

Starting September 26th and running until October 5th the festival is full of delightful shows and presentations. While primarily focused on the visual arts with all kinds of interesting Sculpture, paintings and creative exhibits, there is a wide variety of additional art and history related happenings.

You can take in a poetry reading, enjoy a Flamenco Performance or participate in an Architecture and History walking tour. Artist demonstrations, classes and presentations will be taking place over the 2 weeks the festival runs.

You can attend sessions where artists will be explaining their inspirations for their work and you can mingle with a wide variety of local and visiting artists. No matter if your interests are just based on polite curiosity or a genuine desire to learn more about technique and form, this is a non-stop feast of events for art lovers and the simply curious.

For a schedule of events check out the festival website and online schedule http://taosfallarts.com/schedule-of-events/

We are already seeing a lot of interest and bookings so please call 1-800-433-9612 to check availability and to make a reservation. Whether in Taos for adventure, leisure,  or communing with the arts, stay at the El Pueblo Lodge. We are located in the heart of Taos and close to the TaosCenter for the Arts. With over 50 rooms which open on to patios, a spa tub and an outdoor pool we are the place to stay in Taos.

A Grand Time on the Rio Grande

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If you visited Los Cruces, New Mexico—and you should, for the hot to deathly hot chilies if nothing else—and saw the Rio Grande River, at that point the boundary between Mexico and the US, you would see a glorified ditch. The river has been straightened, is very shallow, and is, for lack of a better word, tamed.

To the north, outside of Taos, the Rio Grande River is wild, clear and clean, and it winds through the spectacular Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, 300,000 acres of New Mexico wilderness.


The Rio Grande Gorge is 200 feet wide and 150 feet deep. The dry plains above the gorge are host to bears, eagles, hawks, cougars and much more. As a child, this writer saw his first cougar on those plains, an unforgettable sight. In October, sandhill cranes land there. Indian rock art is everywhere, temporary features, as winds and sand erode them. Your children’s children will not likely see them.


Reinvention: the American Way

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A boy in Princeton, Illinois helped his father rescue escaped slaves, on the Underground Railroad. The boy had a hare-lip, gaining him the unfortunate nickname of Duckbill. As an adult, Duckbill Hickok grew an enviable mustache, rode west to Deadwood and morphed into Wild Bill Hickok.

The pride of Boone’s Lick, Missouri, Christopher Houston Carson, illiterate his whole life, rode west, finally settling in Taos, New Mexico. He married two Indian women and a Spanish woman—though not at the same time—and waged war against the Navaho nation (he was supported by the Hopis, Zunis, Utes and Pueblos). He fought for the Union in the Civil War. Along the way, he was given the branding nickname, Kit.


A 100 Year Old Arts Colony

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Taos Pueblo, Taos NM

Taos, New Mexico has beckoned to artists in historical times as far back as 1914. D.H. Lawrence paid for a ranch outside of Taos with his original manuscript of “Sons and Lovers.” Lawrence lived in the area for a decade and dedicated himself to painting, becoming well known and respected (if scandalous) in gallery circles.


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