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A Grand Time on the Rio Grande

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If you visited Los Cruces, New Mexico—and you should, for the hot to deathly hot chilies if nothing else—and saw the Rio Grande River, at that point the boundary between Mexico and the US, you would see a glorified ditch. The river has been straightened, is very shallow, and is, for lack of a better word, tamed.

To the north, outside of Taos, the Rio Grande River is wild, clear and clean, and it winds through the spectacular Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, 300,000 acres of New Mexico wilderness.


The Rio Grande Gorge is 200 feet wide and 150 feet deep. The dry plains above the gorge are host to bears, eagles, hawks, cougars and much more. As a child, this writer saw his first cougar on those plains, an unforgettable sight. In October, sandhill cranes land there. Indian rock art is everywhere, temporary features, as winds and sand erode them. Your children’s children will not likely see them.


Reinvention: the American Way

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A boy in Princeton, Illinois helped his father rescue escaped slaves, on the Underground Railroad. The boy had a hare-lip, gaining him the unfortunate nickname of Duckbill. As an adult, Duckbill Hickok grew an enviable mustache, rode west to Deadwood and morphed into Wild Bill Hickok.

The pride of Boone’s Lick, Missouri, Christopher Houston Carson, illiterate his whole life, rode west, finally settling in Taos, New Mexico. He married two Indian women and a Spanish woman—though not at the same time—and waged war against the Navaho nation (he was supported by the Hopis, Zunis, Utes and Pueblos). He fought for the Union in the Civil War. Along the way, he was given the branding nickname, Kit.


A 100 Year Old Arts Colony

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Taos Pueblo, Taos NM

Taos, New Mexico has beckoned to artists in historical times as far back as 1914. D.H. Lawrence paid for a ranch outside of Taos with his original manuscript of “Sons and Lovers.” Lawrence lived in the area for a decade and dedicated himself to painting, becoming well known and respected (if scandalous) in gallery circles.


Guests of El Pueblo Lodge have a lot to look forward to this Independence Day. Because July 4th, 2014 occurs on a Friday its an official long weekend holiday and we are expecting lots of family and friends to show up to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere that Taos is famous for!

If you have ever been to Taos, you know how friendly and easy going the local residents are and you can expect to see them out celebrating our great nation in the streets, at the parades, and at countless barbecues. Taos and the nearby towns share a great sense of community and work together to make sure that there is never a dull moment.

July 4th is a celebration and a thanksgiving for the right to live, grow and prosper in our amazing country and few folks are more appreciative or have more to be thankful for than those living in this beautiful part of North America.

So if you are thinking about coming to Taos or have already made plans, what can you expect and where do you find it?

Independence Day In Taos, NM


What To Do In Taos This June 2014

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Just being surrounded by the beautiful scenery and breathing in clean fresh mountain air is more than enough reason to come to Taos and stay at El Pueblo Lodge. Still, perhaps you want to make the most of your time with us and are looking for interesting things to do during your stay in Taos, New Mexico?

El Pueblo Lodge is the perfect place to rest in between days of fun in Taos. You can forget about all your worries and troubles here as you rest and enjoy our hotel amenities. There are many different events and activities in Taos that make for a perfect summer vacation. We’ve included the three great things to do during your stay in Taos, and there are many others we have discussed and reviewed in previous blogs. Read on to see how you can take advantage of the great things that Taos has to offer.

Taos Fly Fishing

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